Saturday, April 2, 2016

Working For A Popeye's in Mississippi

Working at a Popeye's Franchise in South Central Mississippi

1. New Employees are trained to wear gloves when handling or preparing food. However, I observed TWO Assistant Managers (who had been there for months/years) handling Chicken without gloves. One handled raw chicken without gloves & One handled cooked Chicken without gloves. 

2. In the Training Manual, it explains how to properly clean the fryers with water, and instill with NEW Grease. 
The only way they taught me to "clean" the fryers - is by filtering the Grease out (with a hose) & replace it back in.
(I asked 1 of the crew members of that store who's been there a while, is that the ONLY way THEY do it? And he told me yes.)

3. The only time I ever pulled my cell phone out of my pocket was on my 30 minute lunch break. All other times, it was in my pocket on silent. But, many there (both Management & Crew) had to check their cells often, and at times, text. 

4. The entire back area nor the front cash area was EVER swept nor mopped between 8am - 4pm. (During the time I was there.) There were enough workers, and there was some slow times, just no one did it. (They were too busy talking to each other or checking their cell phones, etc.)

5. Management does show partiality, and are rude to the ones they don't like. With 5 years of Retail Management under my belt, I can't stress ENOUGH how WRONG this is on so many levels. Definitely not good for Employee Retention, either. 

6. And, Racism? You better believe it! If you aren't their skin color, they will treat you differently and talk to you like a dog. (It's their way of "getting rid of you/making you quit" because they only want their own race there.)

I would HIGHLY recommend the owner of this franchise (and other franchises!) install hidden cameras in the stores he owns. That way he can watch and see these types of things for himself. (Because I know that they will not want to take one person's word for it)

Also, The Motto for the Training Manual should be, "Do as I say, Not as I Do." - Because there's A Lot they will Tell/Teach you, yet they don't Practice what they Preach! 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Free Stuff, Giveaways and More : Equifax vs CreditKarma

Free Stuff, Giveaways and More : Equifax vs CreditKarma: Equifax offers one free credit report per year. They also offer a variety of products to purchase; such as Score Tracker for example.  ...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Facebook Review 2014

Facebook use to be a really fun social network. People could chat with family they rarely see, talk with old friends, meet new friends, play games, etc.
All 100% of your "friends" (or "fans" if you are/were a Facebook Page) could see your posts. (Unless the person chose to hide you from their newsfeed)

Nothing compared to Facebook, a few years ago, everything else was 2nd and 3rd best.

That is until Facebook started making change - after change - after change. Yes, it gets ridiculous and annoying after a while. (To say the least.)
Now, maybe half of your "friends list" can see your post.

So when you are talking to someone on the phone (or in person) and they say, "Oh did you see where so-and-so had her baby and posted pics?" And you're like, "um, no.." Then you go hunting down her page to see if she has you blocked. It isn't that people are blocking you. It's that Facebook is taking it upon themselves to decide who's Newsfeed we do and don't show up in. (As if people are brainless and don't know how to "hide" people from their Newsfeed that they don't wish to see, or better yet, just "unfriend" them!)

And for the Facebook Pages, their posts now only go out to an estimated 20% of their Fan base. Fair? No. But Facebook wants to make money off of them. For so much money, you can "boost" your posts, etc.. make sure that 100% of your Fans see your posts.

Facebook already had Ads and Sponsors to begin with, and as they grew, so did their appetite for money so it seems. But, along with making these changes that I've noted, they would also make physical appearance changes to the site.

Just as you would think you were use to it one way, months later, they'd up and change something else about it. (Not impressive.) Many people have complained, some have left Facebook. Some only stay to stay in contact with family they rarely see.

It's really sad watching what was the #1 Social Network, slowly going down the drain. (Due to money hungry people)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blog Directories Review 2014

I miss and no other Blog Directory, etc. compares to it, that I have found so far.

The friendliness, the "welcome to the community" by virtually most every member, so many invitations to be friends, the willingness to visit each others blogs (even give advice where needed) and, of course, the forums; where one could go to ask questions or just to talk.

It was very unique. When I originally started this blog (years ago, before closing it - then re-opening it) I had joined many sites before finding Bloggers. Then when I did find Bloggers it was like finding a Gold Mine! Not only did I find some traffic for my blog but I found many friends. (And a couple which I continued to stay friends with on Google Plus even after Bloggers shut down)

All these directories that want to say "Free Listings will be reviewed and possibly listed within 90 days". Oh hog wash. If you're that busy (have a full time job, don't have time for internet, etc) then you shouldn't be trying to run a Blog Directory in the first place.

"Oh but if you pay 24.99 we'll have you listed within 3 days"
Yeah, good way to make money off of some desperate people.

The ones that require you to put a button on your page first really irks me. Especially when you put the button, then never hear a word from them as to if you are approved or not. And they do not show up in Google Webmasters as linking to you, even after a month. (Things that make you go hhmm)

This is why you don't see any links on my sidebars. I don't mind putting a link or a button on my site - after I am in your directory first. Otherwise, it's a no go.

The few sites that I have found that were somewhat similar to, are not welcoming to new-comers. They have their own clicks already set up (the ones who have been there forever), and they do not intend to go out of their way to send out friend invitations nor visit your blog.

So if you're an established blogger, then great. But if you're a new blogger trying to make it - Good Luck.